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About Us

Why Choose Us?

We have earned a reputation of being the best Small Business in San Francisco. Each and every one of our tutors and teachers have high levels of experience and proficiency in their respective subjects. On top of that, they are all outgoing, friendly, empathetic and interesting individuals.

We understand that each student has a unique learning style and study habits, and how difficult it can be to receive the one-on-one support they need in the classroom. That’s why we cater our tutoring services to the particular needs and circumstances of each individual.

Who We Are

Our Tutors

At Mamesh Music, we understand the importance of good habits when it comes to education. That’s why we’ve carefully hand-picked a team of tutors who not only teach you what to learn, but teach you how to learn. Meet the dream team below.

Day School Teacher

Morgan James


Morgan James sees tutoring as more of a mentoring process, with the understanding that clear communication and personal connection are just as important to student success as is access to proper learning materials.

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Young Teacher

Reese Whiteman

Academic Advisor

A knowledgeable professional with exemplary interpersonal skills, Reese Whiteman genuinely cares about our students. They take great pride in their work and making an impact in the community.

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Music Teacher

Jamie Lane


With a background in traditional classroom education and extensive experience with one-on-one tutoring, Jamie Lane is a huge part of our success in helping students realize their full academic potential.

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